Blake Stark is an elite Cannabis grower for Virtue Las Vegas. he graduated with a  B.S. degree in Plant Science from Cal Poly Pomona in California in 2015. Before entering the legal cannabis industry, he worked extensively on research and development for plant breeding as well as controlled environments. he worked in a lettuce breeding lab for over 2 years while he was in school, he also spent 3 months in Hyderabad, India working on a plant breeding project where he worked to isolate

QTL's responsible for waterlogging tolerance in pigeonpea or Cajunus cajun.


Blake has taken his scientific approach to cultivation into the cannabis industry to ensure that it results in the most medicinally beneficial, and highest quality cannabis for the end user. Any changes we make to our processes in the  cultivation department is backed by scientifically sound evidence and R&D. Utilizing his knowledge in IPM strategies also ensures that we do not use pesticides during our process and instead use cultural, biological, and mechanical methods of prevention to keep our garden clean. Blake also makes sure to train the cultivation team about plant physiology, plant science topics, as well as teaching staff to become excellent cannabis agriculturists.


On a daily basis Blake monitors the environment of 8 different cultivation rooms to ensure they are constantly maintaining the environment that has proven to produce only the highest quality flower based on our in-house scientific research. He manages a team of 9 cultivators who sweat, breathe, and bleed Virtue and work extremely hard to assist in producing the highest quality cannabis only.


Because our cultivation is relatively small compared to other commercial grows in town, we are able to focus on what really matters; we produce only the highest quality craft cannabis for you, the consumer, to enjoy.

Blake Stark


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