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Diamond Dust_Macro-Edit.jpg

Diamond Dust
Cannabis Cup 1st place winner 2021

Sour bubble   double dream   sour lemon haze   bubblegum

A Beautiful resinous flower with a smoothness of smoke gifted from the bubba & haze lineage. diamond dust was born in east la in 2014.

Nose- bubba og

color - purple hues



skunk #1   Jack Herer

an iconic varietal with a distinctive smell featuring running bracts and soft fully texture

Nose- hazy jack

color - lime green

DarkP Macro-Edit.jpg

Dark Phoenix

Mary Larry og   GSC   Ghost OG   Haze hybrid

a cross of several popular categories with a strong resin production, purple bracts and og/ cookie/ bubba nose

Nose- og bubba

color - purple hues

Private Reserve macro 2-Edit.jpg

Private reserve

Pure OG

a classic heirloom og

color - lime green with hint of aqua

Virtue Fig Bar.jpg

Fig Bar

GSC   Ghost Og   Emerald triangle kush  

fig bar was created alongside diamond dust in 2014 but sat nameless in a bag of seeds for 7 years. she was finally planted and grown in south central la last year and selected for her beauty, potency, and heavy effect. 

Nose- Gassy, sweet

color - purple with lime green hues


bubba ghost

bubba sky   ghost   purple gorilla   bubblegum

bubba ghost was created to combine two of the greatest strains in history, og kush and bubba kush into one perfect hybrid. this bubba ghost leans more towards bubba with a slight gassy touch. 

Nose- Gassy, bubba

color - purple with light green hues

Triple G

skunk#1   og kush   purple gorilla

a heavy hitting hybrid of og and purple gorilla with a terpene profile leaning towards funky, cheese fuel.

Nose- cheese og

color - lime green hues


ghost og   purple gorilla   bubblegum


Nose- cheese og

color - lime green hues

South central purps

mendo purple kush   donna og   lemon haze   bubblegum

SCP was bred in east LA but born in south central. she grows short and stout but produces beautiful, fragrant, purple colas of resinous wonder.

Nose- gassy, sweet

color - deep purple

orange push pop

orange cookies   triangle kush


Nose- citrus, sweer

color - purple/ blue hues

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